Recently, I was giving it a serious thought that I should post something on my newly initiated blog now and here is what I came up with…

Almost two and a half weeks back, while checking my to-do-list at work, something interesting caught my eye. It was the first of December – the moment of realization of the fact that I have entered into the beginning of the end of this year. Oh yes! Another year is moving towards its conclusion and, in this fast paced life, this is the ideal time to slow down, take a break and look back at the prior eleven months before moving ahead and making new plans.

During this month, a common practice followed by more than half of the world each year is, to develop a resolution plan for New Year. Be it a business plan of some organization, a plan of a newlywed couple or a plan designed by a student – large number of people or groups of people, from all divisions of life; produce their yearly plans to achieve their set targets. Though many of us do follow this act, the question arises here is that how many of us actually tag along with the decided plan? Even before that, does anyone actually glance over the past plan which was manufactured last year to be followed this year? On individual basis, are we bothered to do some groundwork to count our achievements and our losses and the reasons behind those victories or failures? I think very few people nudge their mind to go through this exercise.

I have noticed people listing numerous goals for themselves at the end of the year and the amusing part is that, they believe they can fix all the loopholes and will succeed with flying colors without ado. This, I think, can only be true if the “Superman” was among your forefathers. Sounds realistic? No? Great! That’s my point. No one is just perfect and flawless on this planet earth, keeping this perspective, we should try to be specific with our goals. You can achieve several targets but not all of them at once. Therefore, the focus should be on what are the most important tasks that must be completed in the upcoming year to bring a positive change in your life.

To exemplify, making a resolution to quit smoking may not be useful if you’ll not be practically trying to give up. And honestly, your sudden breakup with cigarettes is not the right solution. As you are habitual of smoking regularly, you’ll be provoked by the temptation of having one or two and then three or more cigarettes and next, you’ll be back to zero level. Hence, the best way out is to quit smoking gradually. There should be a proper plan to follow assertively and before that you should be determined by heart and soul that by the end of this forthcoming year, you’ll get rid of this habit. If you are taking ten cigarettes per day, be assured that you’ll be decreasing the number of cigarettes each month and then strictly follow the decided timelines. Every time when you yearn for a cigarette, remind yourself of all the worst scenarios that you could be facing due to this habit. It may look difficult but it’s not impossible. All that you need is the will power.

Similarly, if you wish to lose some weight next year, then seriously, just listing it as a mission will not turn you into a twin of some sensational, slim and stylish star. First, think of all the positive reasons about why you want to lose weight and be affirmative about it. Then, create a diet plan to pursue and go on diet. Hey wait! Don’t die of hunger please. I sincerely want you to stay alive to create another resolution plan next year (kidding!). Here, dieting doesn’t denote starvation; this means that your diet plan should contain such food items which are healthy to eat. Avoid junk food and exercise regularly. Repeat your motive each day to yourself and re-examine your agenda frequently.

May be, one of your old resolutions was to help poor and needy people. Did you do that? In fact, did you actually think of how you could change someone’s life by helping them? For instance, giving a penny to a beggar is not the achievement. The achievement is in helping this particular community to get the rid of this habit and be dependent on their own, by persuading them to work and earn. Donating a huge sum of money is valuable only if that’s what your resolution was; it’s actually not worthy enough to bring betterment in the life of those who look towards you for your support. The pride is when you’ll think of taking an action far better than just contributing cash. You may use that cash for doing some constructive work for the needy which would benefit them for longer time period.

With every end comes a new beginning and your New Year Resolution Plan must be the beginning towards a positive change. So, think positively, identify your goals and set your targets, aim to achieve but don’t fear the failure and keep calculating your progress. With this, I am planning to go through the process of self-evaluation and to list down my resolutions for the approaching year. What’s your plan? 🙂


This article was published in Pakistan Today and Telecom Recorder on December 29, 2010.


40 thoughts on “WHAT’S YOUR PLAN?

  1. I’m a bad planner.. rather i didn’t plan at all.. i just do things.. ( and many times things get messed up 😦 )

    May be i should start planning things now !!

  2. Nice piece of work Deeba..!! well done .. very well writen no doubt..

    the statement which appeals me the most is TO THINK POSITIVELY , NEVER GT AFRAID OF FAILURE AND JUST KEEP ON CALCULATING UR PROGRESS … what i think this is the basic point to consider as our little efforts little achievements will eventually take us to desired destinations… no matter hw many times ones failed the important thing is to be determined 🙂
    and deeba u rightly said that the process of self evaluation should goes on. it evokes me to do the same … 🙂

    well.. above all u have good writing potentials girrlll …

    so keep on sharing ur thoughts..!!

  3. The article is awesome, taking encompass our routine thoughts which are created at the end of year by majority of people including me and later forget.
    I also believe think big, it will broadening vision to move ahead. But I think determination on tendency is another important factor which sets the preference.
    The continuous thinking for improvement and determination with consistency lead to success.
    BTW, during the reading about quitting of smoking, it feels a great ‘experience’ which is showing you ability to pen down the scattered thoughts nicely.

    Thanks for this commendable article. 🙂

  4. Excellent write-up. I agree on all of the points except on quitting cigerettes.:)

    Quitting an addiction is never a slow-go thing. Its more based on your emotional will than physical. You gotta quit it suddenly as i myself did last year.

    You are so right to mention the improtance of looking back once you are upto to new missions. Fexibilty is the key. by the way writing so well is a brilliant habit, add it as a duty in your next year resolution:)

    1. Thank you Usman:)…

      That’s great that you stopped smoking suddenly and managed to stick to your decision but, not every person has the tendency to quit this habit all of a sudden (specifically chain smokers)… I agree that it is based on your emotional will that’s why the slow process is suggested above… it makes life easy for those who really want to quit smoking…
      Like one generates a habit of smoking from one cigarette per day to 10 or more, the best suggested way to get rid of this addiction is to move backwards and reduce the number of cigarettes and/ or use alternates to it…

  5. Bravo Hareem …. excellent post …. it only proves one point that you are creative by nature … and can prove it in all aspects of creativity.

    I will second Ms. Farah … it was short and focused … essence of any good post that attracts attention of a reader.

    Keep up the good work !!

    As for all Superman fans ….. your comments reminded me of a very interesting dialogue from recent Indian- must-watch movie “Rocket Singh-Salesman of teh year” that goes like ….. “Risk tou Spiderman ko bhi layna parta hai” ….

    Being a Super hero (Superman, Spiderman etc) in oneself not necessarily helps you achieve your goals …. it is your will to act like one does.


  7. Hey!

    very nicely written and I couldn’t agree more with the facts. As a strong believer of having goals and targets, one should set realistic goals.

    Everything comes with time and one should know when to make a move. 2010 was very much my year and I thank to Allah for helping me, but there are still few left which I am looking forward to achieve next year.

    In the end, let me know if you need any help in future 🙂

  8. nice article deeba i really like it!

    well i was not in favor of planning at all some moths ago but i got someone who is more into planning and all so eventually i am into it too 😉

    well i have so many resolutions to make and a list will go on and on…. but i know that things take time it won’t happen in one go, so i am patient 🙂

    best of luck for your resolutions !

  9. love ur work Hareem! the article is short n vry focussed ..which is the best part.
    Your writing shows how creatively u can pen down ur imagination.
    All the best!

  10. Nice article , thanks for sharing such wonderful thoughts with us .. i hope this will gonna help many people to take initiative and will encourage them to plan their objectives for the upcoming year.

  11. Nice approach Deebs… Well my goals are definite…getting slim is also a plan … but u know i love food 😛
    i’ll be getting married thats for sure 😛
    What’s your plan 🙂

  12. its good to see a female coming up with such a rational thought 🙂

    I completely agree to the main assence of yur article..but you included SuperMan in your article that “being super man is not practicle”!

    but that’s where difference lies…EveryOne needs to be SUPERMAN within himself…not just with his/her underwear over his/her pants….lol but with the way he thinks…SUPER MAN IS NOT ABOUT FLYINg ..Its about Doing somethng Un-real, something you can say Out of the box !

    So we need to plan big, see big ….and aim for big 🙂 !!

    if we will go for limited..we Can not achieve somethng enchanting !! !

    Thanks !

    *Sorry I am bad at spellings and vocab !…pardon me !:)

    1. Dear Mr. Asim,

      Thank you for the appreciation!

      I never said that “being a superman (or even considering it) is not practical” especially when you have the ability to be like one (in the context of your explanation). The term was used to relate it to the fictional character ‘Superman’ and I agree with your definition of Superman but my reference to the character in the article, was with a different perspective… After all, none of us is from the planet Krypton but Earth 🙂

      My point is that – there’s a number of people who just list down hundreds of things to do for a day, a month or a year. You just can’t get things done like this. You have to be specific about what you want to achieve in a certain time period.

      The intention was not to demotivate people from taking a step ahead and do something, it was to make them realize that you can’t achieve everything in one go… Big things are not achieved by just thinking to achieve them. As you said yourself that we need to plan big, see big and aim for big – the “PLAN” is still there before anything and that’s the focal point of my piece- Effective Planning! 🙂

      P.S: I am a fan of Superman 😀

  13. with every day passing with a speed of light it gives out the learning what is left for us to do and what we have done. yes you do have enlighten a valid point here but super heroes lives within us rather breaking down in pieces we want to get things done in one go.

    I just have a thought why do we have to make resolutions at the end of every year where every day offers us a fresh start. it is just my thought not enforcing anything here.

    I think the most important thing is the first step. This is my plan “The First Step”

    1. Dear Hassan,

      Thank you for the appreciation and for sharing your views!

      Ermm.. please read my response to Mr. Asif…. Super Heroes had/ have/ will have super plans to follow in order to achieve their super goals.. That’s all I can say 🙂

      I agree to your point that we don’t necessarily have to make resolutions at the end of the year…Nice one! But you know, like we follow calendar, we follow dates and days – if a New Year is being a reason for some people to bring some change in their life then, I feel there’s no harm in that 🙂

      Thank you once again! Keep sharing your views in future as well!

  14. Great article.
    You raised one very important point – that is, breaking down your plans into smaller pieces or into easier goals, so that the overall goal can be achieved. Offcourse to keep motivating yourself for achieving that goal is to think about its positive results.
    Nicely written!

  15. Call me eccentric, or just plain lazy, but I’ve almost always taken life as it comes. I can safely say that I have never made a single resolution, and yet, have tackled almost every problem that has risen from my lack of planning. Except of course, that of losing weight, which requires exceptional discipline, which sadly I don’t possess. I believe in taking action when action is required to be taken rather than over thinking before it is even required. As for making the world a better place is concerned, well everyday efforts like community service has always been a sure shot method of achieving this goal, because lets face it, not all of us can be Mother Theresa or Abdus Sattar Edhi. I guess what I’m trying to say is, life is unpredictable, and when we over plan, we get disappointed, and that never leads to constructive solution to any problem.

    1. Thanks Umi!

      Now sing with me and shout out in Saba and Salina’s style…”I’m a believer!” 😉 😀

      P.S – It’s doesn’t suits to your response at all but, your ending statement reminded me of this awesome song 🙂

  16. Hey Deeba!…nice article!…infact the point u raised is absolutely rite…and based on the current scenarios….totally appreciable effort..hope to see more from ur end in near furture 2..

  17. Very nice article and the point you raise is quite true that everytime we make resolutions buh never focus on them infact focusing is a very later term we dont even start work on it … so the line of action should be tht waever the target we have set we should start working on it slowly n gradually … amazing write up n the flow of article is really good it keeps the readers attaraction towards itself . keep up the good work dude 🙂

  18. oMG! This is so true. 0ne gives up because they donot avoid bad things gradually. Slow and steady wins the race, remember that turtle’s story? Instead of avoiding things suddenly one should plan it and should try to avoid them gradually in order to achieve their goals. Planning is an important part if someone wants to achieve things. G0od job girl!

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