Chaaye’ Khana – No less than a ‘Khazana’!

What is the first thing you desire of, when you greet the sunshine every morning to kick-start your day? While at work, when you feel drowsy, what is that thing which boosts your energy level? What turns a sleepy head into an active mind in a way that it start flowing ideas as if – a brand new battery has been inserted in it? The answer is simple – A cup of tea!

So, how would that moment be – when one fine day, while towards the workplace on your way, you find a tea café? Wouldn’t that be a moment of glee, when you’d know that’s the place where you wanted to be, a place no less than heaven – offering 70 blends of tea?

No Kidding and no day dreaming! I am all sane and in my senses. If you don’t trust me then visit the Supermarket, Sector F-6, Islamabad, and you’ll be the next witness of this newly established blissful place, right at the top of the United Bakery and KFC, formally known as “Chaaye’ Khana”.

Launched on Friday, January 21, Chaaye’ Khana (tea café’) is surely a treat for tea lovers. The ambiance of the place is such that you’d feel like you are in a comfort zone and the first sip of your favorite aromatic fluid will take you to the world where you’ll be drowned in the sea of sentiments, you’d feel the breeze of poetry and there will be no coming back till you consume the last drop.

Once you climb up the staircase, you’ll be able to see the glass door across which, the tea planet waits to welcome you. The interior is admirable with warm beaming light, cozy sofas placed at the corners, the bookshelf placed in the middle which, in a way, divides the set-up, a counter bar at one side, chess available at a corner table and not to forget – the great wall of 60 fusions of tea tins that will be the center of your attention once you step in the café.

The range of tea offered at Chaaye’ Khana includes – Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Rooibos Tea, Oolong Tea and Herbal Tea in diverse flavors. You’ll find almost all kind of teas starting from typical Doodh Patti to Fruits Teas to Earl Grey or something you haven’t even heard of. Along with that, the café offers a breakfast menu, bakery items, special food items and desserts. Omelettes, sandwiches, salads, soups, muffins, brownies, pies, trifle, are some of the offers of the place. The breakfast is served from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on weekdays and 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on weekends.

You must be thinking that the place sounds expensive, right? Well, remembering the strong and lasting tang of tea on my tongue, I feel that a cup of local Chaaye’, offered at Rs. 60 is worth taking. The price of other teas may sound like a reason to the weight loss of your wallet (only if you wish to visit the café regularly), but then – to explore the treasure of tea, you’ll have to consider spending few bucks.

I find Chaaye’ Khana quite an interesting place to spend some of my mornings at, as for people like me, who really live for tea, it’s actually the place we could ever wish for. It lives up to my expectations all in terms of costs, aroma and environment and I am sure that it’ll keep improving further with the passage of time.

The article was published in Sunday Plus Weekly Magazine of The Nation on February 27, 2011.


12 thoughts on “Chaaye’ Khana – No less than a ‘Khazana’!

  1. I must say that the place looks great … especially for a city like Islamabad where I haven’t seen a lot of tea drinking freaks. they can stand out and also mark ‘tea’ as a style statement. Over all very well written article. Thumbs up (Y)

  2. Just by reading I have lived through all the experience of having virtual “Chaa’ay” there. Beautifully written!

    Cha’ay is always been my weakness n hearing about this place made me crazy to go there. In our “show shaaa” society we have missed few Tarkaz of life and this Cha’ay khana is trust me seeming like an icebreaker. Would surly explore the place personally. Keep writing girl 🙂

  3. sounds yummy! i really wanna go there and try different flavorers.
    Thanks alot deeba for sharing this with us.
    Good work keep it up 🙂

  4. I am a tea addicted. I don’t trust, i would visit to take tea, but i am choosing the blend out of 70 🙂 It seems the matter has now turned from Rupees into bucks.
    Interesting to get the local name Chaaye’ Khana, instead of ‘Tea Corner’.
    It is producing a culture, not a shop.

    Hareem you tied the thoughts beautifully. Nice flow.

    1. What does this phrase producing a culture actually mean? I mean cultures are evolved, cultures are formed and even reformed but producing is technically and grammatically wrong.
      Lovely article Hareem, very 21st centuryish, glad that you have used modern terminology which unfortunately many people fail to understand now a days.

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