At times, Losing is Winning – ZONG song says it all!

Since long, our country has been suffering with such circumstances which led us to a situation that we became I, You, He or She and the philosophy of unison in our state changed from that of unity, faith and discipline into divided we stand and united we fall!

Yet, this year brought such times to the land when each one of us witnessed a huge change in the wave of emotions of the whole nation. Deeply rooted love of cricket lifted up the passion of the population, and the entire world looked at us with surprise, as they saw a massive momentum which connected us in a way that we joined hands together– once again, we became no one but Pakistan!

The aftermath of the cricket mania, following the result of the semi-final, was an addition to that surprise when people praised the efforts of the boys in Green. Mass media was full of encouraging ads of brands that endorsed the team. There was a strong message sent out by Pakistanis to the whole world that we have the guts to accept the defeat. We appreciate the hard work of our team. So what if they lost a match? We are grateful to them that they fought back with all their might and stirred up the nationalism among us.

This positive aspect was picked up by ZONG as the theme of third anniversary of the company this year. On April 17, Sunday, “Sab Keh Do” day, as titled by ZONG two years back, will be celebrated nationwide to keep the motivation alive. An exclusive song for “Sab Keh Do” day, currently being aired on media, is a true depiction of the recent World Cup experience of Pakistan.

Sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, this year’s theme song is soft and melodious. The video narrates the story of a cricket expert who is visiting his native land after a long time. The song flows with flashbacks of the player’s past experiences when he aimed to be a cricket player and struggled to achieve his goal. He remembers the time when his village’s team went on to face the competition and lost the match. They were afraid that their people won’t accept them after returning back home with defeat. But when they reached their place, they found their people standing with open arms to welcome them and shower them with blessings. This scene in the video is full of life and a moment to live for all the cricket lovers as it comes with these well-timed and beautiful lines of the song which says, “Lar k haara hai jo, humko pyaara hai wo, uski himmat ko humnay bhulaana nahi…”

This beautifully composed song brings an equally delightful message for the whole nation. ZONG has been celebrating “Sab Keh Do” day for the past 2 years, but this year’s message is truly what our nation needs. Motivating those who are still trying their best and going through all the hardships to bring a little optimism, is crucial these days. The concept behind celebrating “Sab Keh Do” day is to provide a platform to everyone to express what they feel so as to build strong relationships or strengthen the existing ones. It is a day intended to encourage people to come forward and verbalize their thoughts without reluctance.


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