Future is Bright for Ulysse-Nardin in Pakistani Market

On his market visit to Pakistan, Patrick Hoffman, CEO of Ulysse-Nardin, one of the world’s largest watch brands, said that the business opportunities in Pakistani market are very lucrative and there’s room for more international brands to start considering selling in Pakistan.

Mr Hoffman, was quite optimistic about the business opportunities that Pakistan has to offer. He shared his views during a visit to their local retailer in Pakistan, The Collectibles.

“There has been a tremendous response to our watches in Pakistan,” he said. “We firmly believe that the Pakistani market has a lot to offer and this is the reason why we keep thinking about different ways to expand our business here.”


According to Hoffman, the results are so far impressive for them and the company is expecting further growth in Pakistan. Keeping this expansion in view, the company is planning to establish the regional head-office in Dubai soon. The CEO gives the credit of this business development to the understanding of Art and Culture among Pakistani customers which has made it possible for the company to grow in this market.

“The Pakistani audience understands and appreciates art, which is what makes it such an attractive market for foreign brands like ours. Our watches are a product of cultural art made after a lot of consideration and with expertise. The response in the Pakistani market has been very favourable so far as they accept and acknowledge the cultural art concept behind our watches.”

Ulysse-Nardin is one of the top Swiss watch companies and their watches are very exclusive – only 25000 pieces are produced for every model all over the world. With such a great variety of branded watches and that too with exclusive designs, The Collectibles, is a place to visit for all those who love watches and are keenly into collecting  premium watches of various brands. Just for the information of readers, the most expensive watch of Ulysse Nardin available at The Collectibles is worth Rs.2.4 million.




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