Traveling Makes You Richer!

travel-1As the quote above illustrates, travel is the only thing we can buy (and spend lots of money on) that actually makes us richer as not only does it transforms us but it also exposes us to the reality and the world out there. The impact of media has resulted in us forming an opinion about other countries based on the information that is being provided by the media – either negative or positive. Thus, our opinions are largely based on what we hear or see on the media.

For instance, Pakistan is a classic case of a country that  has a variety of undiscovered beauty which is yet to be explored by tourists. Despite the negative image of the country that has built over the years due to the socio-economic and political issues of Pakistan – the country’s positive side is now thankfully being recognized after a lot of efforts put by certain individuals on-ground and even on the social media.

Having said that, it is important to travel with an open mind to reap all possible benefits. The pro-traveling Jovago team has compiled 10 reasons to travel which I am posting on my blog today on behalf of team Jovago.

1.       Exposure

Traveling opens up your mind, and exposes you to different cultures and people. It allows you to empathize with different countries and evaluate positive and negative elements of a certain place.

2.   Meaningful relationships

When we travel we develop relationships with cab drivers, receptionists, waiters and sometimes other people we have just met. These relationships can last for the duration of the trip, and sometimes even longer.

3.  Self-development

An important reason to book your next vacation is to find out more about yourself especially if you are in that phase of life when you feel that you are losing sight of who you are. When put in a situation outside our comfort zone, we become connected to ourselves and remember who we are and how we respond and behave to different situations. Traveling keeps us in touch with ourselves and helps us discover our passions.

4. New perceptions

There are a lot of things we believe in just because we read about them in a newspaper or saw them on some TV channel. These thoughts can be contradicted and reshaped when we are in the position to witness things for ourselves.

5. Challenges

Traveling comes with lots of challenges, depending on where you go. From language barriers to different cultural norms, each trip has its own set of challenges. Traveling empowers us to take on those challenges and learn how to tackle them.

6. Stories

Another important reason to travel is that you get to collect a number of cool stories and memories to add to your traveling treasure. We can share these with people throughout our life and provide them our perspectives on different countries, cultures and things to do at a certain destination.

7. Food

You will taste all different types of foods – some delicious and others inedible! Taste buds are most utilized when we travel.

8. Face your fear

When people travel, they make it a point to do something they are afraid to do, such as, bungee jumping, to get rid of the fear of heights, or snorkeling to overcome the fear of water. Traveling provides us with the opportunity to face our fears.

9. Slow Down and Take a Break

Traveling makes us take a break, a step back and slow down. It takes a few days to understand where you are, and how things work at your destination. Eventually, if you start enjoying the change, you are left with no other choice but to just chill and have fun.

10. Recharge

This is definitely the most important reason to travel. Breaking away from daily routines and mundane tasks is essential for good health. When work gets boring and monotonous, you know that it’s time to travel and recharge your batteries!

I hope this post has inspired you all to travel! So, choose a destination and book a hotel NOW for the best price guaranteed on


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